Human Resources

Fundamental element for the achievement of our purposes and objectives is the selection and permanent training of our staff, dedicating a good part of our time and resources, based on the firm conviction that in a dynamic and changing environment like ours what it was worth yesterday, it may not be worth tomorrow, what leads us to be vigilant, rigorous and demanding in terms of the qualification of our Human Team.

Being in full harmony with this environment requires us to constantly analyze and create and implement work methods and tools that allow us to advance a little more every day, thus becoming the leading painting suppliers in the sector.

Being CONCIOUSLY COMPETENT in our daily work, if for Pinturas Decolor much more tan a phrase or the expression of a desire. It is the determination of our Management to be a little better at all times and actions.

Fortunately, this philosophy is fully shared by our Human Team, wich participates directly and proactively in the development and execution of the company´s plans,  they are the pillar that shapes our company and who make us be one of the best paint suppliers in the international market.