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Decortex Rough Premium

Rough acrylic revetment ho high quality for the protection and decoration of all types of surfaces of concrete, exterior brickworks, renovation of mono-coat mortars on facades, etc.

Paint with a coating protect that provides an excellent protection against a wide range of fungus and algae.

Nature Acrylic.
Colour Chart colours DECORTEX / IMPER-ELAST and Tinting Systems DECO-COLOR.
Spreading rate 1 – 2 m2/l and coat
Permeability to water vapour Class II (Medium) UNE-EN ISO 7783-2
Liquid water transmission rate Class II (Medium) UNE-EN 1062-3
Drying time Touch: 1 h / Repaint: 4-6 h
Thinner and cleaning utensils Water.
Packaging 14 Lt
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