Decortex Smooth

Decortex Smooth

Smooth coating of high quality for the protection and decoration of all kinds of surfaces of concrete, masonry exterior, restoration of the mortars monolayer on facades, etc.

Paint with protection against fungi and algae.

Available product certificate.

Nature Styrene - Acrylic.

Chart colours DECORTEX / IMPER-ELAST and Tinting Systems

DECO-COLOR (Blanco 1000, Marfil 1006, Páramo 1051, Vainilla 1012, Salmón 1070, Tabaco 1072, Rojo teja 1032, Albero 1014, Marrón Rojizo 1031, Ocre 1035, Verde Frontón, Azul Ultramar).

Gloss Matt. 60º: 2-3 GU UNE-EN ISO 2813
Spreading rate 8 – 10 m2/l and coat
Wet scrub resistance Class 1 (< 5 μm for 200 wet scrub UNE-EN ISO 11998) UNE-EN 13300
Permeability to water vapour Class I (High) UNE-EN ISO 7783-2
Liquid water transmission rate Class II (Medium) UNE-EN 1062-3
Drying time Touch: 1 h / Repaint: 4-6 h
Thinner and cleaning utensils Water.
Packaging 4 Lt, 14 Lt
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