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Brick Varnish Aqua







Transparent water-based varnish for the protection and sealing the pores of cement surfaces, face brick, stone, etc. both indoors and outdoors, avoiding that absorb water, dirt, grease, etc. and beautifying the support.

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Brick Varnish







Varnish transparent for protection and sealing surfaces of concrete, view face brick, stone, cement, etc., both indoors and outdoors, preventing them from absorbing water, dirt, grease, etc.

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Anti-Graffiti Aqua







Anti-adherent product, specially developed for the easy removal of graffiti and due to its non-stick nature, it prevents dirt and dust from adhering.

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Waterproofing W Varnish

Transparent waterproofing liquid for protecting exterior surfaces, reducing in a durable way the penetration of water no modifying the original aspect of the support. Can be apply over concrete, mortar, brick, natural stone, fibre cement, etc. Reduce algae, fungus and efflorescence formation.

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