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Deco-Epoxy 2C Sanitary

Two-components epoxy coating with sanitary certificate, high chemical and mechanical resistance for the protection and decoration of potable water, wastewater and food product facilities. It doesn’t contain solvents (100% solids).


  • Certificate of sanitary compliance reference nº 0961624088.
  • All its raw materials are included in the list of positive substances allowed and provided for by European legislation.
  • High mechanical resistance and hardness.
  • Total water tightness.
  • Easy to wash, decontaminate and maintain.
  • Anti-dust effect.
Nature Epoxy system without solvents (100% solids).
Colour Colourless.
Gloss Gloss. 60º: >80 GU UNE-EN ISO 2813
Spreading rate 0.400 Kg./m2 (3 m2/liter).
Pot-life 35 - 40 minutes
Drying time Touch: 3 h / Repaint: 12-24 h
Cleaning utensils Epoxy Solvent.

3 Kg. (A) + 1,35 Kg. (B)

8 Kg. (A) + 3,60 Kg. (B)

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