Varnish Interior Aqua

Varnish Interior Aqua

High quality interior varnish water based formulated from acrylics resins. Extraordinary hardness, applicable on floors, furniture, etc.

Decoration and protection of wood surfaces such as floors, furniture, doors, blinds, chairs, tables, etc.

Nature Acrylic.
Colour Chart colours VARNISH AND LASURE.

Gloss. 60º: >80 GU UNE-EN ISO 2813

Satin. 60º: 35 - 45 GU UNE-EN ISO 2813

Matt. 85º: < 8 GU UNE-EN ISO 2813

Spreading rate 12 – 16 m2/l and coat
Taber abrasion resistance <30 mg (CS-17 - 1 Kg. - 1000 cycles) UNE-EN ISO 7784-2
Drying time Touch: 1 h / Repaint: 3 h
Thinner and cleaning utensils Water.
Packaging 750 ml, 4 Lt
Data sheet     Chart colours